WWE Raw—Off Air hot situation with CM Punk

WWE shows are awesome and very entertaining. From Smackdown to Raw every show has its own unique something to it that makes it memorable. Well, Last week Raw was no different.

The show was awesome. But I would like to mention the interesting ending that the show took. After the show went off the air, and Daneil Brayan was still in the ring, CM Punk came down and started the Yes!! chant to Daniel Bryan’s face. He left off with a grim. Then Punk took hold of the mic he usually refers to as a ‘Pipe Bomb’, and started interacting with the crowd. He told about his condition that how he felt like trash.

He continued with his speech while in the mean time Paul Heyman accompanied by Curtis Axel and Ryback came to the ring.

Punk seemed little distracted and continued with this speech until Paul Heyman and company surrounded the ring and were about to attack CM Punk that Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler threw a kendo stick to CM Punk.

Paul Heyman went into the ring on CM Punks call and what he got there was no pleasure as CM Punk hit him hard twice with the solid kendo stick.

Axel and Ryback came to the rescue of one helpless Paul Heyman. Ryback tried to use Axel as a weapon and threw him towards CM Punk. But Punk got out of the way and Curtis Axel went outside the ring through the ropes.

Punk delivered a beautiful kick to Ryback and then hit him with the steel chair twice. Ryback escaped and Punk looked at Axel who was still lying along the ringside.

Punk threw Axel into the barricade and then into the ring. Hit Axel with the steel chair and then with a loud Go To Sleep chant hit him with the GTS and while pinning him counted to three.

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